[Appel à communication] Exploratory Workshop at the Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester: Urban Governance and its Disorders: Corruption in the Cities

Deadline for Paper Proposals, 10 November 2017

Date:  Friday 27 April 2018

Location: University of Leicester, Centre for Urban History, 3-5 Salisbury Road, Leicester LE1 7QR

The issue of corruption has, of late, become of growing interest to social scientists and historians although research in corruption in urban settings less so and the relationship of corruption to urban governance even less. The complexity of governance as distinct from government has raised questions, particularly since the 1980s, as state governments have sought relationships with private and voluntary actors to manage and deliver services and other public goods. Cities though, have long exhibited diverse patterns of governance variously described by terms such as hybridity, markets and networks. Moreover, towns and cities have been sites of numerous types of transaction some of which could be described as corrupt. We welcome contributions on aspects of urban governance and corruption from any period of history and or location. Please send individual paper abstracts of 250 words by 10 November 2017 to psj4@leicester.ac.uk. Proposals will be scrutinised by a panel appointed by the conveners. The conference is held in collaboration with The International Journal of Regional and Local History and suitable papers will be published in a special issue of the journal. We welcome contributions from established scholars and new researchers. Conveners: Professor Simon Gunn; Dr Prashant Kidambi; Dr Richard Butler; and Peter Jones, Research Fellow at the Centre for Urban History.

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